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The site has a new look 😍 🤩 To celebrate :
-20% off your order over €30.
Offer valid up to and including September 25 👍

The site has a new look 😍 🤩 To celebrate :
-20% off your order over €30.
Offer valid up to and including September 25 👍

Our commitments

Quality, production monitoring and sustainable development

At Zü, we are constantly trying to find new ways to make our business as sustainable as possible. All our products are made in France, Germany and Spain, and are mostly recyclable and eco-friendly.

We ensure that all papers are PEFC and FSC certified, labels that guarantee companies' commitment to the environment and responsible forest management.

We are committed to using as little plastic as possible for the packaging of our products and are constantly looking for recycled and biodegradable materials.

The environmental impact of our activity is at the heart of our reflections and our creative process, and it is essential for us to produce in the most sensible way possible.

We are always on the lookout for new ideas to reduce our environmental impact and we welcome your suggestions.

Zü donates 1% of its turnover to an environmental organisation through its membership of 1% for the planet.

What is the "1% for the planet"?
It is a global movement that connects donors and companies with project-based organisations to effectively increase donations for the environment.
Its mission is to increase environmental philanthropy and to increase the impact of the actions carried out by environmental protection associations by facilitating their fundraising.
Today, this entity has become one of the most important sources of funding for environmental protection actions worldwide.

This associative system carries out actions in different environmental fields such as: climate, food, natural spaces, pollution, water, fauna, flora.
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We sponsor 3 beehives managed by the Confidences d'Abeilles association, whose objective is the protection of bees and pollination.

The Confidences d'Abeilles association pursues these 3 missions:

  • Protecting bee populationsThis is achieved by creating apiaries that increase the number of bees.
  • Increasing honey resources, by flowering with species that benefit all pollinating insects.
  • Initiate & shareby introducing the world of bees and ways of helping them to the general public, through digital channels and in person (visits to beehives, company presentations, etc.)

The association is based in Haute-Savoie and works with partner beekeepers whose apiaries are located in the Alps and the Lyonnais.
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